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The Great Parkinson's Tea Party

Support my Great PARKINSON'S Tea Party

I am taking part in The Great PARKINSON'S Tea Party to raise funds for people living with Parkinson's. Please join me at my Tea Party or donate online to help me reach my fundraising goal!

My Updates

It’s getting closer - what’s been happening

Tuesday 19th Sep
Hi everyone I hope you have all been well.
I’m getting very excited with all the decorations coming together, the weather warming up and lots of list going on.
Thank you so much to those generous people that have donated 
If you are thinking of coming please let me know for catering purposes 
Should you require special dietary needs please contact me 
Wishing you all the best 
Until the next update, stay safe 

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - with a twist

Sunday 27th Aug
Okay beautiful people following are the details to my fundraising Tea Party
We are raising financial donations to Parkinson’s NSW
I will send invitations but here is a heads up
11am to 1pm
Bring your craziest hat - self made or bought 
Lots of fun to be had
PS - don’t be put off by the TEA party think about the twist 

Help pick a theme for my tea party

Friday 11th Aug
Tea party to be held in October 
The weather should be warmer and we can venture out into the garden 
Would love to chat up with you and have some fun while giving back to a worthy event 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Jules Schaefer

Hope your day is a great success x


Lavender Plan Management

All the best x x x


Lea Mcmillan


Marg Mcdonald

Very important fund raiser. Well done Lea.


The Binskin Family

Please keep us in the loop for the date I would love to try and make it