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Pitch in for Parkinson's

However you choose to Pitch In, you will be helping Parkinson’s NSW to continue to provide life-changing services to thousands of people living with Parkinson’s.

How will you Pitch In for Parkinson's

Pets & Pals for Parkinson\'s

Pets & Pals for Parkinson's

Take part in pets and Pals for Parkinson's and celebrate the impact your pets and pals make in your life. By taking part not only will you be raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's NSW you will also be strengthing your relationship with your Pets and Pals.

Our 2021 Impact

Last year our supporters helped us deliver the following
InfoLine Calls
2,237 InfoLine calls were answered, providing information.
Parkinson's Nurses
5 Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses, travelled 39,096 KM.
Support Groups
72 groups offered more than 2,500 participants support.

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