Offline Banking

If you have received cash donations from any offline fundraising activities (such as a raffle or donation jar collection), you can pay them in below.

Once we receive the below form allow 1 to 2 business days and we will get back to you with the banking process. After donation have been received to our bank account they will appear on your page.

If any of your Tea Party supporters require a receipt for a donation over $2 please make sure you include there details below. If you require mulitable receipts please contact us to organise. 

Please call us on 1800 644 189 if you require any assistance paying in your offline donations.

I am paying in money raised from my Tea Party donation jars.
I received a cash donation and need to transfer it to the PNSW bank account.
If you require a receipt, please fill in the below details to help generate the receipt.

Have any questions or need help