The Great PARKINSON'S Tea Party

This October get your friends and family together and host a Tea Party to raise funds for people living with Parkinson's.


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How to host your Tea Party

Register to host

Register to take part in The Great PARKINSON'S Tea Party and we are here to help you every step of the way to make your Tea Party a GREAT sucess!

Choose a date

The Great PARKINSON'S Tea Party runs during the month of October. There is no official day of the week that you need to hold your Tea Party, you can choose any day in October that suits you.

Give it a personal touch

Parkinson's is more common than Breast, lung and prostate cancer. Unfortunately, most of us will be impacted by Parkinson's at some point in our lives and this is what has inspired you to take part.

Here are some ideas to make your Tea Party unique

Garden Tea Party – set up picnic blankets and scatter colourful cushions. Enjoy the fresh air for a rejuvenating tea party.
Around the World Tea Tastings - feature tea from different countries. Give your guests information about the origin, culture and unique flavours of each tea. Why not pair the teas with traditional treats from each region.
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - Let your imagination run wild with an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party. Use fun and quirky decorations and mismatched teacups.

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Tea and Art Showcase - Display artwork from local artists, your own support group and don’t forget the grandchildren’s works of art.
Colour Themed Tea Party - Decorate in your favourite colour and encourage guests to add that colour to their outfit.
Tea Crafting Party - Set up a DIY tea blending station where your guests can create their own personalised tea blends using various tea leaves, spices and herbs.

How to be a Tea Party Host.

No two Tea Parties will be the same. As a host it's up to you how your event will look.

Give your Tea Party a touch of your own unique personality and don't worry, we are here with you every step of the way to assist.

Hold a Tea Party at home with friends and family

Hold a Tea Party at work with your co workers

Hold a Tea Party outdoors in a local park

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