I'm Pitching in 4 Parkinson's

By Coffs Neuro Physio

Help me Pitch in for Parkinson's NSW

We are Pitching in for Parkinson's to support Parkinson's NSW and especially our Local Coffs Harbour Parkinson's Group in their mission to enhance the quality of life for all people living with Parkinson’s.

IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!  Our whole team at Coffs Neuro Physio are getting involved and letting YOU train US!  The idea is that you will sponsor one of our team members to perform a number of exercises that we usually prescribe our Parkinson's clients to do.  Also, the Mid North Coast Local Health District Parkinson's Nurse, Vince Carroll has been a good sport and decided to put his hand up for some punishment too!

We are calling it " Train the Trainer".  On Wednesday the 17th of April at 2.30pm, we will get together and perform ALL the exercises that have been allocated to us and the fun part is that you get to watch! You can join us here at the clinic and watch in person, but if you can't make it, don't worry - we will video the event and you can watch via the website!

It works like this:

1. Pick a CNP team member (see below)

2. Pick an exercise (see below)

3. Donate the amount of money that is nominated for that exercise.

4. Come watch us on the day!

Donate in clinic or via this website (details below).

1. Click on the donate button and choose the amount you want to donate.

2. Fill out your details, there will be an option to add a message.  In this message you can write the team member name and the exercise you want performed.

Team Members: Amanda/Chris, Ben, Christie, Ivan, Jacquie, Jake, Jenny, Rachel, Stephanie, Vicky/Leah and Vince (Mid North Coast Local Health District Parkinson's Nurse)


- 10 x Burpees - $10

- 1 Minute Plank - $5

- 1 Minute Box Step with Arms - $5

- 10 x One Legged Ball Throw and Catch - $5

- 10 x Push Ups - $5

- 1 Minute of Skipping - $5

- Banded Side Step length of gym and back - $5

- 10 x Sit to Stands - $2

- Add a dual task to any exercise - $2

Please sponsor us to support Parkinson's NSW and provide vital services for people living with Parkinson's.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Vince Carroll 1 minute of skipping and 10 push ups




Amanda O'neill

Vince to do 10 burpees


Cassie Carswell

Vince/ Ben / Amanda / Jacquie / Ivan 20 push ups each :) Have fun guys!


Fiona Jessiman

A contribution for Vince to do whatever he chooses. Thanks for organising this Coffs Neuro Physio


Graham & Lyn Wass

Good luck with your goal


Greg Costa

Love your passion buddy


Helen Jones

Free choice but not Leah or Vicky. P


Liam O’mara

100 push ups (Rachel) 100 push ups (Jenny)


Mary Kay Walker

Go Team!



Vince to do more push ups


Michael Trist

Thanks for all you do - much appreciated


Mike Floyd


Paradox Media


Paradox Media


Paul Maddock

Good on you Vince. Great cause.


Paul Maher

We all need more dopamine, LET"S GO!



Go Team, let's raise the bar for Parkinson's


Tony Bienefelt

Jake to do 10 burpees


Tricia Bancroft


Vicky Wignall

Banded Side Step length of gym and back $5 - Ivan $5 - Christie $5 - Jenny $5 - Steph $5 - Jacquie