I'm Pitching in 4 Parkinson's

By Emily Benson

Help me Pitch in for Parkinson's NSW

I’m Pitching in for Parkinson's to support Parkinson's NSW in their mission to enhance the quality of life for all people living with Parkinson’s.

Please sponsor me to support Parkinson's NSW and provide vital services for people living with Parkinson's.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good stuff 👍


Mitch Jacob


Andrew Young

Well done Emily !



Go Em


Ellen Keeffe

Good luck with your ski and all the best to your family x



Well done Em. I could tell you had some demons to push through. Well done Take a bow


Heather Mcintosh

I am so very proud of you Emily Mayn


Helaina Wellington

You are a weapon


James Mcintosh

Proud of you Embob.


Jarrah Wallace


Jodie Frost Foster

Go girl!


Kate N Trav Broadhurst

We’ll done Em, we’re proud of you!


Kaz Dog

Awesome effort Miss Em!




Pop Mcintosh

Proud of you Em, love Pop


Rita Hall

Awesome stuff! Well done!


Sarah Mills

Legend! Xx


Ursula Smith

Fantastic thing that you are doing, good luck with your challenge we will be there cheering you on, and when the charity is so close to your heart it’s easier to achieve xx