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Join a community of like minded people making a difference for people living with Parkinson's.

How will you Pitch in for Parkinson's

Set a challenge, do something daring or give somthing up.

Make your special day extra special by asking for donations in lieu of gifts.

Choose your own physical challenge or join an existing event.

Creating an in-memory page gives a lasting impact for your loved one.

Mow the Mullet

11 year old Alex, decided to fundraise his own way for Parkinson's and Mow his Mullet. 

Alex had been growing and nurturing his mullet for over a year, but had to say goodbye to his locks before he started Highschool. 

"I felt quite sad about cutting off my Mullet and so I decided I would do something to make me feel good about "the mow" and do something helpful for people living with Parkinson's."

"My Poppy Joe was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years back and I want to help people like him live a better life with this disease."


Last financial year the following services were provided to people living with Parkinson's.
Health Line Calls
3,339 Health Line calls were answered.
Parkinson's Nurses
5,564 People supported by Parkinson’s Nurses.
1,096 Individual counselling sessions.

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